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How can I stop being so angry?


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Since like third grade I've always had a short temper. Like I can just get super angry really quickly and flip out at people and I can't even help it. I don't want to be a douche and I think it's why my girl left me, I would always take it out on here.


What shall I do? I can't talk to my dad because he just tells me to be a man

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Hey Sunnyla,


Welcome to Community.


A few questions that jumped out at me when I was reading your post. Firstly whats your Dads temper like and as a family do you guys talk about your feelings much?


I think it's awesome that you can see your temper is getting in the way a bit and you have reached out for some advice. Such a big part of changing all behavior is being aware of it in the first place. No awareness no change. Which means you are already ahead of the game because you can see whats going on.


When was the last time you flipped out and what was it about?


Have a read of this blog too, could be helpful.




You totally have the power to change things and I can tell you really want to. Be patient with yourself though it will take time and is all about small changes, every time you do the slightest thing different that is a step forward.



Sending positivity


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What helps me is exercise, I got into running a while back and it helps me get back to normal when I am raging. A mate of mine tried reading a couple of anger management books and got some good tips there. I can find out his favourite one if you want?

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thanks everyone, this is helpful. since i posted my question i have been much moe aware of my anger and have been trying to do things to deal with it


i still sometimes feel like i can go from being super chill to angry af really quickly tho. my dad is pretty much the same. i first remember being like this when he flipped at my mom and then i flipped at him over it and it turned into a huge argument

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Hey Sonny,


Some things I would recommend to do when you are angry would be to...

-Write about it in a journal or notebook

-Walk for a half hour to get your mind off of things

-Listen to music (preferrably calm/peaceful)

-Talk to a close friend

-Breathing exercises

-Use your imagination


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Some things i do when i'm angry are:


kill guys on xbox games

Cycle or go for a walk

Think of a quote from tv show like i thought of this speech from doctor who and changed it to match bullies which the changed version is:


When you start bullying, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who's going to die. You don't know who's children are going to get hurt. How many lives will be shattered and broken. How many feelings will spill until everybody fesses up from the very begging and actually sits down and talk.



Personally when i changed that speech to match bullies it's one of the things that made me stop as their has been times people have tried to end their life due to bullying and i've been a bully and gotten bullied. It's not worth it as if someone tries to end your life because of bullying you don't want to end up in trobule with the law and we all bully for a reason and once you actually tell someone it makes things a lot better.



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