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Between my friends


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so right now at 2 am i was on house party with my friends and then randomly 3 people came out of nowhere and started swearing at me. those 2 friends on the call are really close and i always have their back. now when the guy was swearing with his other friend i fought back. we kept on fighting and his friend was also swearing and i took them both until i couldnt while my friends stayed silent. i got mad why they werent taking my side so i typed on our gc that take my side and they ignored it. then when it was all over i messaged them again on the group chat saying that they couldve taken my side while they were swearing at my family etc and they responded with really dry messages so i left the groupchat. i always take their back no matter what and if i was in their position i wouldve taken their side and fought those 2 but they didnt. now they are spamming messages saying that theyre sorry and it was just 2 random people but there is something called a bro code where youre supposed to notice that one really needs you but im just upset and not talking to them. what should i do? who is at fault? and should i remain mad?

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Hey @zaza

Ah, yeah, that must be frustrating for you because as you said, you would have their back, but they didn't have yours. It's tricky because they didn't react the way you wanted to, but it really sounds like they've thought about their actions now and realise that they were in the wrong, which is good. I'm wondering, other than the apology, do you feel like you need anything else to forgive them and move on? 


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