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I don’t use any form of social media with a couple exceptions: Here’s why


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Hi, my name’s Storm and I don’t use any social media except for Youtube, and discord and even on discord I’m only in private servers. Here’s why. 

as a preface, this is why I don’t use social media, but this is me. Social media isn’t for me, but other people may use it and be perfectly fine. 

The first thing people might think is a reason is the danger of interacting with internet randos, but that isn’t my concern, because otherwise I wouldn’t be here at all. 

My first and foremost reason is that my parents won’t let me. And I am very glad for that. Now into the actual reason I don’t want to use it.

I know as a person if I started using social media, it’d become sort of a interest for me and it would become I spend actual time on. I’m not interested in spending time on something where people post their highlight reel, not their actual life, it’s a shallow look. And while it’s probably good entertainment, I don’t want to waste my time of something as shallow as that. 

Secondly, I prefer modes of communication that connect me better. I will not deny that social media is a powerful mode of communication that has the possibility to make a difference. However when given the option between posting a bunch of pictures out into the void of the internet and sending it to my friends with a little message, it will always appeal to me more because it’s more direct and I can be more personal towards my friends directly rather than just posting it to the internet. 

Another reason: without social media, my choices of distractions are limited. This helps me in so many ways. For one, if I pick up my phone while I’m supposed to be doing homework, there’s only so many things I can get distracted with before going back to work, but then in other situations like watching a boring movie with my family, since I don’t have the endless scrolling machine of social media, it forces me to be present, and maybe the awful movie is not that bad. 

Lastly, social media can get really toxic really fast, I believe that honestly my mental health is better without it. It keeps things real for me, and I know that for me as a person, I am better off without. 

Thanks for reading through!

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Exactly the same with me!

Ive never used social media other than discord youtube and I once posted something on reddit but other things are a huge waste of time!

The worst one in my opinion is tik tok I mean some of the content is good but the short videos and the fact you can just swipe to see another just makes you go 'oh maybe 1 more' and before you know it it is the end of the day and you havent done anything productive

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