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My Sister is uncomfortable around me bc....


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Yes, hey, people, humans, readers.... so I've been Bisexual for almost 6-7 years now. I've never really come out to anyone (most of my family is homophobic) until this year, I came out to like, 5 of my friends. Which was a good move bc some of them were also lgbtqa+. So we all got really close to one another, and i eventually started dating one. But thats not the issue. The reason for the title is, we're all in our own little gc where we send a bunch of, ya know, cute gay stuff to eachother. And so i have a lot of lgbtqa+ memes, banners, backgrounds, designs, etc... saved to my gallery. Well, my sister and I went swimming with some friends today. She kept talking about how she wanted more summer photos, and asked if she could take pictures with my phone bc hers was dead. I said sure, thinking I didnt have anything to hide (not thinking about how weird we are) and so I let her into my camara.....and gallery. About 30 mins to an hour later, I got my phone to call my friend. But when I unlocked it, it immediately went to my lgbtqa+ calender that I had saved. I knew it wasnt me (I always get rid of all my opened apps before turning off my phone) so I assumed it was my older sister. But then, she started acting weird.... like, nice to me almost. Now, to fill yall in, yesterday was pride day, and I was very, very excited. It was my first pride day with a girlfriend. And so I told her that I was excited, but she said she hated pride month. But when I asked why she said its bc of how high the death rates get. But thats not why she would seem nice to me. She then said, "I'll support gay people, I just don't want to be around them. They just cause drama." Now this kinda what made me irritated. And I just kinda avoided her last night. She must've realized why I did that once she looked through my camara roll. Any advice? I have no idea how to confront her, or talk to her about this. It just freaks me out thinking that she knows. Help?

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Hey there,

Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m one of the digital mentors, and I give advice and support to people who come to us with their situations :)

It’s a shame she said that to you as it’s stereotypical and not true at all. I’m just wondering, even with her looking at the calendar, do you think she would then think you’re LGBTQ+? I think you have to be careful because if you confront her and she doesn’t know, then you may end up outing yourself. What do you reckon? 


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