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im new here so yeah. i have some questions on how to know when its the right time to come out. and like how to start the conversation, like i want to tell my parents but i have no idea how to. please help.

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It depends how close you are to your parents.  I told my parents that I'm bi a year ago and I'm really close to them but they still don't believe me.  Have you tried starting the conversation with "I have something important to tell you..."?   Also I guess you'll just know when it's the right time to come out.  

Sorry ik my advise is awful, I've never given advise like this before to anyone.

Hope this helps tho.


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its fine, you advice does help a lot. thank your for replying. it means a lot ❤️ and well i have tried telling them lots of time but i always hold back at the last second and just tell them something stupid.  but like i am close with them but i really have no idea how they would take news like this.

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