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Hello, school help needed


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To begin with, I'm a 16yr old male, not clinically-depressed.

I can easily communicate with people older/younger than me in 1 on 1 conversations but not at the same age as mine unless I know them well.


So apparently, I was anxious about the topic of joining high school.

Now in 10th grade (1st year of high school) I've made some really good friends who I forever lacked, or so I thought.

They are 3 and I am pretty close to the 3rd guy, the other 2 are friends with him for many years and I'm the new one here.

Thing is, I'm not your regular type of teen. I don't like going out as often or at all and many, from the outside, would conceive my personality as 'very self-oriented'.

So, the other 2 are the exact opposite of me and like to joke around a lot and what fumes me is that the guy I'm close to likes to join them(remember they are close friends from elementary school).

I'm wondering, should I respond to some of the aggresive jokes such as 'he is laughing on his own look at him' or 'look at the way he walks' which are REALLY weird conversations to be jokes and I personally cant laugh at all to these.


My question is: ignore them and get emotionally/sometimes physically hurt till the end of the school year(1 month) or tell them about it which they don't seem to care at all about because I've tried some times.


note: They also may use me for writing good in exams/IT classes(I wanna chase my dream of becoming a programmer and I ALWAYS study and they know it) and then brag about writing the same grades.


tldr; not depressed, got 3 friends on 1st yr of high school, 2 bully 1 joins(who I'm close to), use me for writing good exams, compare to me and brag while they don't do anything on their own.

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Welcome to our support community :). I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice and support to those who reach out to us.


It sounds like there's a bit of a mismatch with your senses of humour. When you said something to them in the past, how did it go?


I'm wondering, if you don't feel comfortable saying something again, could you maybe distance yourself from them and spend time with other people instead? On the other hand, do you think it's something you could look past and tolerate?


Also, can I ask, are you doing their work for them sometimes I wasn't sure with your comment about writing good in exams.




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