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How do you get people stop calling you a bully even though you aren't one?


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I'm tall and look intimidating when I'm not smiling but I'm not rude. They call me it as a joke and I don't want to ruin my friendship. I just thought about it and it hurts really bad. Knowing the fact that bully is a strong word and people talk about me all the time but I never do anything cause I'm not that person. What should I do? Help!

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Welcome to our support community :)


Can I ask, who is it that's calling you a bully? I find that there are two ways to stop this: 1) Laugh and pretend that you find it funny as if people know it's winding you up, they will do it more, so going along with it removes their enjoyment, or 2) Maybe you could ask them politely to not call you a bully? This will probably work as they might not know it's upsetting you.


What do you think?


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