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Hi im jonas(fake name)


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Hi my name is jonas and im bisexual,i found out i was bi when i was about 14,im 16 now so its been 2 years i guess....this is my first time coming out so im kind of nervous,pls dont ask any weird questions i also have anxiety.if there are any people who is the same as me i would like to have a chat since i have so many questions to ask.thank you

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Hello @Jonas


Thank you for coming to us and trusting us with this. We are so happy you've come out! Congratulations! Theres no rush to tell anyone else yet, before you are ready too, remember this is your journey.


Do you have any coping strategies for your anxiety currently?


Alsoo @Bkerby14 / Wolf hey to you too, thanks for being so supportive!




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Oh hey @Bkerby14 thank you for replying,


Can i ask you how did you came out to your friends?did you leave some kind of clues for them or do you just tell them?and how did they react?did they look at you disgusted and dissapointed or did they smile and congratulate you for coming out cuz im really scared if i tell someone and they left me just because im different


sorry if im asking too much questions

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Hi @Jonas

It's totally normal to be nervous about telling telling your friends or family. When i told my friends i was bi it was sudden. I didn't leave any clues at all, I just told them when i felt ready and i was comfortable with whatever might happen. It was difficult for some of my friends to get use to the fact i was bi but they were happy for me.

I haven't told some of my friend yet as i don't know how they will react and i"m not ready to loose any friends but when the time is right I will tell them eventual because you cant keep pretending because it drains you.

But you don't have to tell people all at once, if its easier, you can tell them one at a time. It might take some time for your friends/family to understand to get use to the fact that your bi because its something new to them. They might ask you some question out of curiosity but its up to you to answer them or you can say that your not ready to answer them just yet. Also if they do distance themselves from you they might just be trying processing it,

I know that its for ditch the label advisors to do this but i have attached some links to help you, maybe read it and see if they might help





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Hey @Jonas


@Bkerby14 has given loads of great advice (thank you!!). When you come out, some people might act a bit weird at first. Although we ideally want everyone to have a great reaction, it can sometimes not go how we planned. If you feel like you can, it's important to give people a chance to see if they can accept you for who you are, especially if you want them to stay in your life. Some people just need time to process. Here's an article about why some people can have bad reactions (it's written about parents, but it's the same for everyone) https://www.ditchthelabel.org/my-par...me-coming-out/. Also, exactly as Bkerby said, you don't have to come out to everyone all at once. Coming out to people one by one can help to build confidence which might be a good idea for you.


It would be great to hear what you think, especially after you've read through the articles that Bkerby and I sent to you.


Sending positive vibes :-)



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Hey! I'll be sixteen in a few months and am questioning my sexuality. Anyhow, I just wanted to reach out to say that I'm glad that you have it figured out and are coming out. Congrats!

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