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Someone Screenshotted My Snapchat Story


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I was feeling pretty depressed earlier in the day so I decided to take some pictures of myself in my underwear. Nothing too explicit but my butt could definitely be seen and it wasn’t a super innocent photo (I’m 16). I stupidly posted it on my Snapchat story and someone from another state who I used to go to school with screenshotted it, as did another person who lives in my town. I don’t know what to do and I really don’t want to get in trouble. I wasn’t thinking straight when I posted it and took it down right after but I’m so scared of what might happen. I can’t breathe just thinking about how much trouble I might be in.

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Hello @Mia8888


I'm so sorry you are feeling so anxious about this. Please try and forgive yourself, what has happened has already happened and the only thing now is to look forward. Many young people experiment and send photos so you are not the only one. It is very important for you to be safe in future and putting pictures that you know you wouldn't like shared going forward its best to only send them to people you trust.


Why do you think you may get into trouble? Is this from school or from your parents? Was your face in the photo? As you are under 18 anyone in possession of these photos is against the law and they can be prosecuted. Could you message the person explaining this and ask them to delete the photo?


You didn't do anything wrong and you have no reason to feel guilty, your body is our own to do with as you like. But it's always a choice and never ever feel pressured to send anything you don't want to and always remember that once we put something on the internet, we are no longer in control of where it ends up, so to be mindful of that in the future.


Take some long deep breaths and try to let go.


We're here for you,



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