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How do you know whether your friends are just using you?


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Hi guys,


so I am new here and wanted opinions on this topic. So my friends are not how they used to be, like they ignore me and the hang out without me. I don't feel comfortable around them. I am not sure whether I should hang on or let go. Be free to share your opinions.

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hi! I'm not sure if this will fully help but I'm willing to try and share my opinion.


I actually had some problems with the friend group I was involved in a few years back. not only were adults telling me to detach myself from them but I also saw that they weren't really the best people for me.


I came to realize this once I took sometime to think.

-I asked myself if I trusted them(like with a secret)

-If i felt down would they be the ones that I would go to for help?

-If I needed support will they be there for me?

-Will they be the ones to support me all the way?

-Do I even feel like myself around them?


Take sometime to think about how they impact in your life. And if most of these answers are genuinely positive, then you should talk to your friends and tell them how you feel.


I hope this helped. if you don't agree with my advice feel free to search for different ways. I'm just glad that i tried to help.:)


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Hi, um thank you for that advice. I believe that most of the answers to those questions would be positive. But I am not really sure if I can talk to them about it. What do I do then?

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I don't really know much about this, just speaking from experience actually.


It's good that your friends still treat you nicely(since most of them were positive). But can you think about why you don't want to talk to them about it?


I can't make the decision for you and tell you what to do, but I will say that since you don't want to talk to them try and fix the problem and if they are still making you feel left out... you should do something about it.(make the decision)


But if you don't mind me asking, isn't there at least one person you trust the most at of all of them? maybe you could ask them why.- just a suggestion


I hope this helped.

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Hey there @Nischala Gowda


Welcome to our community and thanks @sweetie for your great advice. I think asking those questions is a really good test as to how you are feeling about your friendships right now.


I find with friendships as we grow older, it's less about everyone as a whole group and more about the individual person. So think about each friend, and maybe just try to have a conversation with one person about how you feel, can you think of anyone in your friendship group right now that you could ask to talk to?


I think at different times in our life we will be closer to certain people and maybe you can spend a little less time with people but they are still your friends? What you said about not feeling comfortable around them interests me though, what does that feel like? Is it a new feeling or something that has been going on for a little while?


https://www.ditchthelabel.org/are-th...est-otherwise/ - have a read over this article if you are seeing some of the warning signs written here, it may also be worth re-thinking what these people mean to you.



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