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What should I do?


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Hello, my name is anas and I'm a new member here. Cut to the chase, so I'm on my age to go to college but I've always wanted to be a singer/idol (if you know k-pop) but my parents are old school minded. They see an idol as a model and a model as a prostitute. I love to perform on stage, but I don't know, should I follow my dream or obey my parent's order?

My parents kept saying 'you should have a college degree, after that, you can do whatever you like!'


but if I wait until I graduate, it will be too late.

so, what should I do?

(sorry if my grammar to messy, I'm still learning. Thankyou)

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Hello @anas.tasya.


Welcome to our support community.


I can relate to this, I always wanted to be an actress but my parents wanted me to go to university. In reality they probably just want the best for you and to give you a good education which would open doors for you. A lot of successful musicians also went to college too. Colleges have really good music and theatre programmes usually too, so you could always compromise and go college but do lots of performing while you are there.


I think it's so important for you to keep your dreams and work towards them, but maybe going to college isn't throwing away those dreams and you can do both.


To an extent we will always disagree with our parents and thats normal and natural, but it is your life too and you do have a choice. What would you study at college?



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