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Coming out tips


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Anyone got some ways to come out to friends, family and classmates? Any tips? If ya do, please comment. I’m pansexual and not sure if I want to come out or not. (I’m new to ditch the label, so I don’t know how this works. Still figuring out. Could you guys please explain how this community/ website works?)

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Hello there AnnaBanana,


Welcome to our support community. My names Remi and i'm one of the support mentors here at Ditch the Label. The way our community works is that it is fully a safe space for you to get out anything you want to (anything!), There's some trained mentors on here like me who will always reply to your post and give you advice and link you to resources that we think will help you. and then theres other community members who can also jump in and offer support or friendship. Have a read over some of our topic threads of previous threads to get a vibe of how we do things over here.


There are lots of creative ways that you can come out to family and friends but there are a few things to remember first. Are you ready to come out? There is no rush to and you don't 'owe' it to anyone. Some people like to come out to one person first and see how they feel and then when they feel comfortable they come out to more people. What do you think the reaction would be to you coming out, do you think it would be quite positive? The number one thing to remember is always to be safe, if at any point you think that coming out could put you in any danger, then deffo wait until you have the support behind you, incase your family don't take it well. Can you think of one person now that you think would have a positive reaction?


I like doing things face to face - thats how I came out. But I know some people prefer to write a letter so they can really express how they are feeling. You could even write the letter now and then keep it safe until you feel ready, you could also record a video. It should be personal to you, so how do you feel YOU want to tell the people you love about your sexuality?


Don't feel any pressure to come out right away, just know that who you are is valid and that you matter!


I hope this helps, feel free to message me any time!



This Digital Mentor Account is no longer active.

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I can’t figure out how to report to your comment, so I’ll just type it in here. All my friends are Christian or LOVE to gossip so I’m not really sure if I want to come out. But I don’t want to stay in the closet for ever. After summer break my grade (class a and class b same age by the way) will be mixed together with some people from another school, same grade and age. So maybe I’ll come out to my new classmates instead. You know.. start fresh. (Sorry, this is kind of confusing and I keep adding in more unnecessary details)

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