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Hi : )


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Hi : )


So I ended up here because I was searching 'questioning my sexuality' online and a piece on DTL came up. On top of that I guess I've also got a lot of confidence issues- like, I find it hard to see myself as good-looking enough or talented enough to be attractive or get ahead in anything; sometimes I just get the feeling that I really don't like myself.


Worry about the future is a big factor here I think; I recently finished my studies at uni (still waiting on final-year results) and I'm stuck trying to decide what to do next, and determining what I'm actually good enough to do. It doesn't help that I get really awkward around other people : (


I don't really know what I'm looking for out of this site (I only just found out about it!). Advice maybe? Whoever's reading this, hope you're ok x

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Hey Porcupine,


We're so glad you found us here and we hope this will be a helpful and supportive space for you.


Congratulations on finishing uni and good luck for your results (crossing our fingers for you)


I hear you, so ,many of us struggle with our self confidence and at such a transitional time, its not unsual that feelings of inadequacy will start coming up for you. The one thing that helps is knowing we all feel like this. Fear is what stops a lot of us from doing things. What are your interests? What do you enjoy? As long as you are being authentically you, then you are doing well, I think its totally fine to not know what you want to do yet, now is the time to try lots of things out and figure out what suits you best. Along the way you will try lots of new things and you'll gain confidence from learning new skills and stepping outside of your comfort zone. I bet at the beginning you didnt think you could finish uni and look at you now!


Start working on your most important relationship, the one with yourself, what you feed will grow so focus this time on figuring out what you like and dislike to help you work out what you enjoy doing and don't beat yourself up about all of the question marks a long the way.


I'm sharing this guide to self love because I think its really good - https://www.ditchthelabel.org/5-top-...llie-anderson/





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