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HI,I'M Seymen! I'm from Istanbul.I'm 17 years old.

Firstly,i don't have a good english.I have some problems and I will briefly talk about.

I was exposed to verbal and physical bullying at school. Very much! I was bullied for wearing a scarf. because tyrants say: men don't wear scarf. this can be funny.but because of this I was subjected to physical abuse.

and I'm humiliated by everyone because I'm bisexual.why people like this??why homophobic and bullies?? already homophobic in my family :(

I was harassed at sea when I was little and I can't take this out of my mind.

I tried too many suicides but I couldn't.I want to be happy.I don't want to be judged by my sexual orientation.I don't want to be bullied at my school.

I talked to school guidance. but now I can't meet because of quarantine and i wanted to write here. I need help.

I love you Ditch The Label community.so glad that I have you...

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Hello Seymen,


Welcome to our community and thank you so much for sharing so much with us here, we are here for you.


Firstly I want to ask you, do you feel safe right now? Do you have any urges to take your own life now? This link will give you a list of all crisis lines worldwide: https://www.befrienders.org - You can also call your emergency services or go to any emergency department and ask for help. I am also going to email you a list of support resources now also.


Any discrimination against you for wearing a scarf is hate speech and especially if they did this for you wearing a scarf, you can report these people to the police, we can support you writing a report if you would like us to? Here is a resource we made on some tips of what to do if you are being bullied - https://www.ditchthelabel.org/top-10...ming-bullying/


Are you able to speak to any of your teachers about the bullying? You should report it. Bullying can make us feel really humiliated, but I want you to remember that you were not bullied because there is anything wrong with you, you were bullied because other people have a prejudice. You identity is who you are meant to be and we support you fully. We don't chose who we love or who we are and there are so many people out there who support who you are. Is the bullying continuing now?


When you say you were harassed at sea, what do you mean?


We are all here for you and feel free to share whatever you need to here.



P.S. I think your english is great and you should be proud.



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Hello Remi,


Firstly,I had very different bullying events.This was just the bullying I told.I always kept silent but this time I couldn't keep quiet. I told my school psychologist.But I didn't remember the faces of the bullies.So bullies didn't find. I felt humiliated. but I overcame this situation.

Yes,when I was young I was abused by a pedophilia.this sometimes comes to my mind.I'm sorry, I'm angry, I cry. but in this case I will overcome.

I just can't handle a situation,

it is bisexuality!

i used to hate myself.I attempted suicide.I cried every night.I'm humiliated.

I can't choose who I can love.I'm a boy and I love a boy right now.

Why don't people understand and people do judge me?

because of the society I live in! i wish i weren't born here.

yes there are people who support me.but that's not enough.It does not prevent me from being sad.

some people are kidding me.they're gossiping.I can not cope with homophobia :(

When i grow up i want to move to UK or West Europe,USA.I want to live in a country that is not homophobic.Dnd i believe i will succeed!

it is sad that some of my friends call me gay.as if they judge me only by my sexual orientation.How can I deal with homophobia? I am really tired.

I am bisexual but this is not my preference. I love your heart, not your gender.

God did not offer this choice when he created me.This is the life that God has bestowed on me, and I will not be able to change it; I'm so happy and love myself now..

I love u DitchTheLabel Team. (sorry again for my english) <3 :)


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Hello Seymen,


Thank you for being so open and honest when talking to us. Have you ever spoken to anyone about what happened to you when you were younger? A parent, a teacher perhaps. Have you ever had access to a counsellor or therapist, it may be helpful to work through some of the trauma you may have from things that are coming up from your past. Therapy can really help you to express how you are feeling and work through that.


I hope you do succeed and are able to move to a more accepting country in the future. What steps would you need to take to do this? You are right in saying you don't have a choice in your sexuality, and maybe its worth asking if these people are really your friends if they make fun of you for your sexuality. It's okay to step away from people that don't make you feel good about yourself.


Have you read over our article on tips on how to cope with overcoming bullying https://www.ditchthelabel.org/top-10...ming-bullying/


We're here for you



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