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Someone got a hold of my information, keeps stating they are apart of an Organization . Yet the way they operate or even contact me isn’t what I would think a organization would handle anything. I’ve been threaten, people sent photos of me & my family, also sent me my address. Has me paying them money, when I paid they asked for more. I lost my job because of Covid-19, now I’m loosing my phone because I can’t pay my bill & my apartment. I’m scared, I seriously don’t know what to do, they say it’s the last time but I don’t believe them. Please some one help, I have there email plus there phone number, I just need help.

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Hi Domnick1020,


Thanks for coming to us for support. We are here to help you.


Do you know what the purpose of this organisation is? I'm concerned that they are threatening you and know where you live. This situation needs to be reported to the police to ensure your safety. Could you do that?


I wonder if there is anywhere else you can go to stay in the meantime?


Stay safe and keep us updated as to what happens. We care for your safety.


- Monsoon


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I don’t if I am or not. I’m scared. I was told going to the police they will hurt my other family Memebers. Took my information off my Facebook & Research me. They have all my information, this will be the only information I have so far.





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Hi Domnick,


Were the details you just posted of the person who is harassing you? I had to edit the comment as we do not allow private information to be posted.


I strongly advise that you call the police as they will be able to ensure the safety of you and you family. We care that you are safe - can you do this please?






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