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are you famous on social media

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Hey @chicknpeaqueen!

So, I´m not famous on social media but I think, that I can give you some advice since I have been picked on in the internet. I just stopped caring. If you are confident about it, then others have no reason to bully you. I mean, haters gonna hate, but if you want to be famous, then that´s a circumstance that you have to consider in. Don´t let that stop you though. Follow your dreams no matter what!

Wishing you the best


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hi thank you it means so much that you believe in me. it taking me sometime to become famous after the things that have happened to me and my family so Im not too sure.




We here will always believe in you and don´t ever forget that, but what happened to you and your family (answer only, if you´re comfortable talking about it)? Is there any way we can help?

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