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do you think you have had a bad break up


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you can tell me your experiences about break ups but my ex had they idea to break up over message and then to tell everyone that we were never boyfriend and girlfriend

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Hey, it sucks that your relationship ended that bad. Hopefully you find someone better.


I just broke up with my girlfriend yesterday and that was a disaster.

She still calls me nicknames we gave each other when we where in a relationship and says she loves me all the time and says I'm just confused and we will be together again. she turned kinda creepy when she said she would never part with a jacket I left at her house once and is still planning on proposing but I'm only 16 so I don't want to talk to her anymore...


but today she wouldn't stop contacting me if I didn't compromise with just being friends and I'm going to her house at sunday to talk to her. hopefully she was just having a hard time and the crazy is gone. but I don't plan on coming over for long...

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