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what is life like


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my life was pretty good until 2016. i moved away from my family after a terrible thing happened to me my brothers and sister. now i feel like my life just brings me bad luck. if you feel like this i know it is not a good feeling so if this is the case please let me know and we can talk/ help each other out

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Thank you for posting on Community. I think it's really great that you're offering so much help for others here. It is so helpful for someone who has been through many of the problems presented here to offer support as you will know what helped you through those situations.


I'm sorry to hear that you had to move away from your family. How are things now? I'm also wondering, are you currently being cared for by an adult? I hope you are safe and well. Do get back to us as soon as possible so we know this.


I wonder, have you heard of a gratitude diary? This is something you can complete everyday and by focusing on the positive things, this can help us to have a more positive perception of life which can help when going through difficult times.




Speak soon




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my dad was abusive to my mum so we had to go into foster care for a few months... it was horrible - i just have so much bad luck - do u feel like ur cursed?

I have always felt like my life is a curse but the thing that helps me is doing what I love which is dance and listening to music

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