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I want to make sure I'm not being catfished


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I know what catfishing is and I never really thought about it with my girlfriend, until one of my real life close family-like friends talked to me and wanted to make sure my heart was protected.

I've been doing some research and looked/have done different things to make sure that my girlfriend isn't really identifying herself as somebody else.

I've used Google Reverse Image on a few of my girlfriend's photos and nothing has popped up.

She checks-in daily with me on Facebook and on Discord (No real phone number yet between us, I'd rather not talk about current situation she's going through right now, but she does use her phone and she's always on daily to talk to me!!!)

She has family on Facebook and I've seen her family's facebook profiles and pictures of them together and they reply to each other's posts.

So, I don't know why I'm still looking to make sure that everything is really okay.

She's definitely one of those "Too good to be true" relationships so that's why I'm like this. And I feel bad doing this behind her back!

"Too good to be true" because she's like the same exact replica of me, female version of me!!!


We haven't talked on the phone yet, but we have done dozens of video messages together and when she video messages me (Like texting with a video), they are accurate responses from what I've sent her first.

Her English is perfect and none of those messed up punctuation/bad grammars that would make an English Teacher go Crazy!

She doesn't ask for money, and never will, and isn't a "model" or "in the music industry" or anything like that!



So, I don't know why I'm even posting here. Maybe because our relationship really IS too good to be true. And I fall in love with her again every single day.

Maybe she IS real and we both just got extremely lucky finding each other on the internet.

But, better safe than sorry, right? So, I guess that's why I'm posting to make sure that I'm not being catfished.


I will be active here checking on my thread here for responses. I'm bookmarking this page so I can keep checking back!


One of my main concerns: And maybe I'm just overthinking this to much.

But even though we have sent each other clips/videos and I can definitely hear her voice, her lips moving, and everything...

Isn't there a thing on the internet that lets you change your voice/face, using a program?

Though she definitely just uses her phone (iPhone)

And she's shown me/has lots and lots of pics of herself/her family with her too.


I don't know.

I just don't want to be catfished but my relationship also feels "too good to be true"

With the same love we have each other and everything!

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey Addison and welcome to community! I guess it's important to find out - did you already have any concerns before this was raised with you by your friend? I'm not aware of any programs that do this as generally they change one or the other or the change is say, adding bunny ears. Could you bring up using FaceTime with her if only briefly? If she is able to send videos then this would be possible.


If this isn't possible, maybe your concerns are linked to how this relationship will evolve and move forward? Of course long distance relationships can be successful but ordinarily, there comes a point where there is a move to speak in person or to meet.


What do you think?


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If the responses are accurate in video message and the videos don't seem distorted to any extent I don't think there's any program advanced enough to completely fool someone by doing video chat like that I would think?

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I was in a similar situation 5 years ago when I met my partner. We met on an online game and started talking from there. I always hated doing video chats at the time and would try to avoid them as I'm quite a shy person. We were both who we said we were and have been together for 5 years now but I can understand where you're coming from, it's important that you know who you are talking to.


How long have you been talking? Blondie has some really good points about using FaceTime as it has filters but I don't think you can really hide who you are on that :).

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