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Closeted Bisexual? I dont really know


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So hi this is is my first time here. Im not really sure where to start. Maybe I should start by saying that I had a pretty rough year last year. I got out of a relationship of 4 years and it left me broken and messed. And that relationship was of the same gender. I dont really know what my sexuality is. I have always been attracted to the opposite gender all my life before that relationship. The relationship was not intentional, it was more of a go with the flow and it led to being together for 4 years. And that is why I am now left more confused than ever. I feel like im bisexual. But at the same time I am no that certain. Yes, I do sometimes get interested in the same gender but it is more of "wow theyre attractive" thats all. I dont really fantasize about anything more than that. But like I said, that is sometime. Another part of the time, I feel really attracted to them to the point that I am interested to be friends with them and get to know them better. For example, there is someone at my workplace right now and that feeling is kicking at me. Like i want to get to know this person and i cant stop looking whenever this person pass by. But i get all shy and giddy when im near them. I dont know if what im saying makes sense. I hope someone can help me out. I feel so trapped.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey and welcome! Many people can be very fluid with their attractions and it can change over our lifetime. Some people who do identify as bi can find they have an equal attraction to both males and females and others will be attracted to both but find the attraction to, say females, tends to be more dominant. It could be that you are pansexual as you seem to approach relationships and attraction with an open mind which is great.


I completely understand the desire to find that exact label that describes us but as it can change, sometimes it's better to relax and remain open to different people.


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