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I am not sure if I'm attracted to boys


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The background you need: I am a boy.

I'm not entirely sure yet what I like, but I know it's kinda complicated.. there are multiple sides to this question:


Romantic attraction: I guess I am attracted to both genders because what's the difference. I think I loved girls in the past, and I also think I loved boys. Hard to know. I've never asked anyone out and I don't think I will anytime soon.


Sexual attraction: well, the female body turns me on, yeah. And the male body, also. maybe not as much. maybe just as much. I never had sex because I am still young, so again: it's hard to know.


But I don't exactly see myself having intercourse with either males or females. I don't think it's disgusting, just not like something i'd actually do with anyone. It's hard to explain, considering the fact that I barely understand it myself.


I don't know what to expect, or why I wanted to write this in that forum, I just did. I guess all I want is to know what I am.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@aradarbel10 Hey and welcome! Thanks so much for sharing and it may be reassuring to know that many people can be pretty fluid about their attractions (either romantic or sexual) and they can also change as we grow older. For example, sometimes people will identify as bisexual but in their teens, largely be attracted to females - then maybe in their 20's this can be more equal or shift to largely males. It does sound like you would be open to considering all genders and sexualities... but when the time is right for you. Take your time to enjoy figuring it all out and we're here to help with that :)


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