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What do I do when I feel like everything is all messed up?


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I have a close group of friends but talk to everyone who will talk to me. I flirted with a boy a couple of months ago after I told the guy I've like for two years that I liked him, he said he liked me too but that he wasn't sure about a relationship at the moment. Well I felt guilty and stop flirting with the other guy. Two months go by that guy is now coming to my school, i just found out one of my best friends boyfriend has /had a crush on me, I'm always the one to check on other people but when I need someone the most I don't get any help back!

I'm close with my mom and dad but don't want to stress them out anymore than they already are but I'm sick and tired of being the one their for everyone of my friends but only once or twice do I get the help back. And I know I can be stand offish but it because I'm still used to my friends not asking if I'm okay or if I say I'm upset and they make it about them.

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@m5264 I can really relate to this as I always seem to be the go-to person but in all honesty, I'm terrible at asking for help! Try it one-to-one and say that you know you don't usually ask but really need some help and would appreciate their opinion. This should start to break down that barrier and make the friendships more equal. It's hard to break habits but you will need to keep it up otherwise it'll slip back again. (Again - I'm the worst for this and have to keep reminding myself). :)


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