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about the holister thing


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okay so here's more detail about wut happened at this wonderful clothing store, so me and the fam we're shopping and i found stuff i liked and i wasn't familiar with the changing rooms cuz i like never use them i just hold the clothes up to me and assume they fit but my mum didn't want to do that so the the changing rooms we go and there's this couple sitting in from of it and i don't like ppl so i was like uuuuuuhhhhhhh no and my mum who didn't know the place even had a changing room asked the ppl if this was the place to change and the guy said yes but who i assumed to be his wife looked legit c o n c e r n e d like she was so fucking confused it was kinda funny (btw i look like a guy which i mean i don't care as long as i think i look good and like yeah i'm still the daughter which i'm not too happy about but who fucking cares that's life) so she was like you mean u want the men's changing room? and in my head i was like sure idc just lemme try on these pants and my mum kept tryin to tell her i'm a chic (atleast she thinks i'm a chic) and the woman finally figured it out and i was so embarrassed i just waited till they left the store to get them pants. also another thing, i asked an EMPLOYEE what room i can change in and he said either one and i'm like HAHA I CAN GO ANYWHERE BITCHES like legit that actually surprised me they didn't have gender specific changing areas idk if they being inclusive or just don't give a fuck. ok one more thing, y'all may be thinking, y u could have just walked into the changing room on the masc side and wut i say to that is... i felt like peeps would call me out, and my mum, and siblings, and literally everyone would be lookin at me like wtf r u doin cuz to them that the boy changin room ok i'm done but also not later

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[uSER=20025]Atreus???[/uSER] The confidence to push through in these situations isn't to be ignored - I know and you know that stuff like this will happen from time to time and it isn't fair or comfortable for you. In these situations, the staff there were clearly okay with you using the changing room of your choice. You don't have a responsibility to explain yourself to other customers or educate them in any way. I know that's easier said than done in some circumstances but maybe ask for a staff member to (casually if possible) be around the area when you go in as it's their job to handle this - it should never be put on you.


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