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I’m leaving to go travelling alone on Sunday for a year. I know I should be excited but I’m really nervous leaving my family and friends and going into the unknown.


I have got a sabbatical from work and I’m worried the new girl will replace my life and take my friends.


i know it’s irrational but I just can’t get it out my head

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Hey there @Mpe11


How exciting, where are you going?! I did the same thing as you, and yes was equally as scared before I went and that is completely normal, its change and change can be scary but it obviously can be wonderful as well. The thing is you must have booked the trip and the sabbatical for a reason and because you wanted to shake up your life a little bit and have a change of pace.


Don't worry about what is going on at home whilst your away, this new girl will never replace you but she may make friends with your friends but you will be meeting new people and making new friends too.


Focus on the experiences you are going to be having, not the ones you won't be experiencing.


Look forwards and not backwards. If you were to stay, you know exactly what the future looks like, but this way it's all such an excitement and a mystery. We have video chat - you are never too far from your family.


It was the best decision I ever made and you never regret something that is good for you, i promise.



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