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Introduction: We're all messes but, there's hope.


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Hi all! I'm Erinn, I'm 25. I just wanted to talk about how stuff doesn't really get easier with age. I feel like I still really have to fight for the things I want. My mental health still feels like it's a journey and, I'm still figuring it out. I want everyone to hold on to hope that yes, it does get better. But, getting older DOES NOT mean that all of a sudden... It will all be figured out.

I have had to step back from uni/college multiple times. I've lost years on some of the people I went to secondary/high-school with. I work in therapy to be okay with my own journey. It's getting better. I also just know I'm not done yet.

I have struggled with everything from regular school anxiety to suicidal ideation. If anyone here ever needs someone to talk to, that's why I threw myself on here. I want to help others like people have helped me.


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Hey @Erinnisamessx


Thank you for being so honest and sharing how you are feeling here. I know what you mean, the more life we experience the more we feel but we also grow and build our resilience throughout this time which makes us better equipped to deal with adversity.


I think our mental health is something we will always be working at throughout our lives just like we do our physical health, there will always be ups and downs and thats why it's so important to keep adding to our toolkits on how to manage our mental wellbeing. Thank you for offering to be there to our community, we really appreciate it and if ever you need to chat, I'm here.


Sending lots of positivity your way.



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