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My mum doesn't like me


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It has always been this she says i never looked like her as a child,and I am the odd one out but apparently my three other sibling look exactly like her she always has to prove that I am nothing like her almost like we are from a different family.

however I have always hated how I looked I believe, I have body dismorphia As from a child I have always hated how I look people regularly told me to eat more or your too small this really effected me mentally it meant I felt the need to gain weight so that's what I did now I am too big and I hate myself now I told my mum this but her reply was why didn't you stop when you got to a normal weight and that's because I still thought I was too small and people where still saying I am too small still but now I finally realised that I need to get more healthy I need help because people's words have effected me for so long that i gave in listening to them and believing them. I really want to get help for this but my mum wouldn't care she would say it's a waste of time.

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Hello @Elizzabeth


Sorry you are having some issues communicating how you feel to your Mum. That must be really tough, have you spoken to your other siblings about this?


Maybe your mum is not the best person to talk to about your changing body, do you have anyone you think may be more understanding to talk to. It is no secret that we, especially women connect eating, and food with our bodies and our self esteem but remember your body is meant to change and if you would like ot start making some changes just do them with love, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and are eating a balanced diet and your body will thank you back.



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