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How to deal with a toxic friend who you live with?


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I live in supported housing with a lot of other young people and I am getting quite close to one girl in particular. Tonight something happened and I don't really think I should be her friend anymore but don't really know how to do that especially as we live together. Because of various health issues I have I take painkillers to manage symptoms. Recently (in the last 2 days) I've started a new and much stronger medication that is making me quite drowsy and 'out of it' as I'm adjusting to it. Tonight I had just taken my next dose and was hanging out with this girl and she convinced me to take her ADHD meds with her so we could get high. I don't take drugs at all (unless prescribed) and never have which she knows. she was also fully aware that I was adjusting to new meds because I had asked her to watch out for me while I went through that process. Obviously I know that it's not all her fault because I agreed to take them but I don't really think that I want to be around that kind of person especially as she now wants me to try other stuff with her including her anti-psychotic meds. I just really need some advice on how to manage this situation as I don't want to cause arguments or fights when I have to live with her.

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@SpnWinchester You're right to flag this as it feels very unhealthy and could actually be dangerous. Especially when you're trying to carefully manage your own health and wellbeing.

I know it can be hard to navigate this but it sounds like a potentially serious issue and while she has needs of her own, it is not fair for you to somehow be pulled into this.

Are you able to speak to her alone and tell her your concerns? If you do and feel it will help the situation significantly, that's great, otherwise it's important to prioritise yourself.


Also, are there any support staff you could share your concerns with? It sounds like she needs some extra support and may not have asked.


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There are staff here but I can't go to them about this because we could both be kicked out and I have nowhere else to go. I really just want to be able to keep away from her which is obviously really difficult as we live together. I'm scared that she would get really angry if I tried to talk to her.

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Hello @SpnWinchester


If you are worried about her getting then the best way really would be for there to be a keyworker there to mediate it is what they are there for, and you could nip this problem in the bud nice and early and save any more problems with her? It may be one awkward conversation now but it could solve lots more frustration in the future.



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