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Multiple Problems (Why I hate being queer)


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I am a weird combo of lesbian, straight, and demiromantic. I have a sexual attraction towards men, but not a romantic relationship towards them, but I have a romantic relationship towards girls, but not a sexual relationship towards girls. My friends say that I'm "A lesbo who wants dick". I'm confused as to what I actually am.


I'm also having trouble coming out to my parents. They are extremely homophobic, and our religion forbids homosexuality. They would shun me, and at the worst, disown me for what I am. It feels awful not being able to tell them, but I'm afraid of them.


Any ideas?

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@UnholyFrost I don't think you're weird at all - you're unique and absolutely valid in however you identify and whoever you are attracted to.


Sometimes I think we can all get a bit caught up in finding one label that sums us up but often so many of us are fluid and we are attracted to different people for all sorts of reasons. Enjoy the time you spend with those you are attracted to (whether this is physical attraction and/or romantic) and it really will just fall into place when you meet the right person or people.


I know how hard it can be when you are not able to fully share all of yourself with those you love but we always advise that your safety is paramount. If by telling your parents it would place you at any sort of risk (this could be physical, financial, emotional or potentially becoming homeless) then it may be wise to wait until you are able to leave home for work of university.


Meanwhile come out to those that you can among your friends etc as you are perfect exactly as you are and your identity is completely valid.


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