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I just can't come to terms with how I look


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Im a fat 21 year old. Im not ashamed of being fat and I don't want to lose any weight. I don't believe that I would look better if I was skinny and I dont want to care. What I can't handle is the regection I face because of my weight. People rarely say anything to my face since im an adult and I can stand up for myself, but on dating apps people are cruel.

I'm at a low point today because I was at a party and a boy who I thought might be interested in me told me I look like his aunt. Im not sure why this hurt me so much, I think its because I cant help but to compare myself to other people who get hit on at parties. It really hurts to think that people just aren't interested in me. My best friend is absolutely goreous and has a bunch of people who re actively persuing them and it gets hard to listen to them tlk about it when no one has ever had a crush on me. My last relationship only happened because I perused it.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@Basilparm I can really relate to this and know how much it hurts, especially when you are so body positive.


The right person / people will be attracted to you for all the right reasons and not just based on initial snap judgements or a shallow view of what society tells us we 'should' look like. Dating apps can be so harsh for that - the removal from F2F seems to give people the impression it doesn't hurt but of course it does.


Remind yourself every day how absolutely gorgeous you are and how lucky someone will be to have you in their life. Parties can of course be great places to meet people but sometimes they're just too fleeting and there's not much chance to get to know people properly. Going to something where you have mutual interests with people and are able to build on that can be even better.


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