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my parents dont accept me as transgender


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A year ago I came out as transgender to my parents and they stilll havn't accepted me. i've tried everything I could think of and they still deny that it's a real thing. they basically told me I have a mental influence and that i was influenced by the media and by my friends into becoming "something i'm not." last year in school i asked my teachers to call me by male pronouns and my chosen name and they accepted me whole-heartedly. this year my mom threatened to take me out of school if i came out in school again, which i have. and luckily she hasnt found out yet. but theres no that she won't. im scared of what will happen and i just need help.

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Hello @asherfoot198


Welcome to our community. We're happy you've made it here.


I'm so sorry you aren't being accepted by your family right now, your identity is valid and I'm glad that your school are acknowledging you and making you feel heard and accepted. It could be that they are struggling to understand the shock of understanding a different identity than the one that they envisioned for you. It doesn't make it right but it might give you a bit more understanding as to why they are reacting like this.


You may not be able to change your parent's views over-night, so focus on keeping yourself safe and looking after your mental wellbeing. Find a trusted mentor at school and let them know what is going on as they may be able to handle the situation with some discretion for you.


What have you tried previously to try and talk to them?


We all see you and are here for you.




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hi hello here is my say in the matter, if u got friends who support u then u r fine like my pals r chill with me being wutever and thx to that i couldn't care less about wut me family says like my whole family is pretty transphobic, i mean me mum might not be anymore like she is trying to understand and do her stuff but ya anyway family don't matter like if u need them at all times then they probs r bad parents cuz h can't do that to ur child like make it to where they can't live without u cuz ur only hurtin them so ya wait till ur 18 and just leave or move in with a trusted friend and ur fine and ur parents r jerks btw but u brave to come out, like idk wut i am but i honestly don't care to much anymore but crap keep goin off topic anyway uhhh u can cut them out like that's always and option or u could make a whole presentation about who u r and such like that's always fun or u could just drop hints and wait for them to confront u then u could either say heck ya i'm trans or just be like ummm idk wut u talking bout like ya it's fine it won't matter in the long run just don't kill urself and ur fine- this was bad advice

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