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I know I'm not ugly, but people keep treating me like I'm garbage (Long)


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I moved schools in eighth grade, and it was the first time of me being in a public school. I couldn't get used to how mean people are (north usa and south usa have very different manners aside from it being a public school) but I always tried my hardest to be nice to people. One time, I asked this boy I had a crush on for his phone number since I'm better at talking through text and everyone in class started laughing and laughing and it got louder and louder. The only person who wasn't laughing was my friend. I knew they were all laughing because an ugly girl like me tried to ask a guy like him for his phone number. I was overweight, always had my hair in a ponytail, didn't dress the best, and had bad acne, so of course people saw me as ugly. This is where all the mistreatment started/ I started getting bullied for anything and everything I did. People took pictures of me and made fun of my looks, threw food at me when I was at lunch, said nasty things when I walked by. erc. I started wearing makeup because I thought that would stop the bullying, but it obviously didn't. Since most of the kids who bullied me didn't go to the High School I'm in, I thought I could start fresh, but I was mistaken/ Freshmen and Sophmore year was normal or at least I blocked most of it out of my memory due to bad experiences. Junior and Senior year was actually getting better for me. I had multiple people stop me to tell me I was pretty, compliment me on my hair and makeup, and other things. I gained alot more confidence in myself, especially in Senior year, which is now. The thing that makes me want to end it sometimes is that there's a group of people who still laugh at me and make fun of me for breathing. They treat me weird and take pictures of me without me knowing to share in their groupchats. One girl from the group even made pig noises at me at one point. I don't even know what I did to deserve this misreatment to be honest. I'm overweight, but I still consider myself a good looking person. Does me being overweight really warrant so much hatred thrown my way?

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Hey there @shsldumby,


Trying to search for the reason why people bully you will never end in an answer. They bullied you because of their prejudice or ignorance and it's nothing that you could have helped yourself - we did some research into the reasons why people might bully. - https://www.ditchthelabel.org/why-do-people-bully/.


None of this is your fault and you certainly don't deserve this. It must be so hard as this has followed you around for quite a few years. Is there anyone you could tell at the school? What do your friends say about it? Try not to acknowledge them if you can and hopefully they will get bored and move onto something else.


Look after yourself during times like this and practice lots of self-care, and do things to make yourself feel good. Trust that there are good people out there as well.


We are here for you.




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