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really confused at the moment can anyone help?


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Hi, i'm a girl and ive been questioning my sexuality for quite a while now, I think i'm bisexual but i'm not sure, ive had a few crushes on girls and a few on guys but I don't want to come out or anything and end up being straight but I really want to find out but I don't know how, please help.

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Hey @Em_15


Welcome to our community!


It's totally normal to be questioning your sexuality at this age, they way that we tend to see sexuality these days is that it is a spectrum and we all fall somewhere along that spectrum. So in the way that you have crushes on both girls and guys, you don't have to label this at all if you don't want to, but you certainly don't have to rush into it. There is no 'fast-track' way to figure things out quickly but doing what you are doing and having an open mind do exactly what you are doing and if you want to let people know you can say you are still figuring it out.


Does this help at all?


We're here to chat through whatever you need to!



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