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Should I ask her out? How do I ask her out?


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Okay, so just moved into Uni, made this amazing friend, and I like her.

I'm not one to jump into things, so I'm testing the waters big time, I'm dropping little hints and tests to see if she might like me too. I'm no expert (I'm REALLY not in this area) but I'd like to think she's giving off hints that she likes me, but eh???

Last night I tested her a lot. We went to the pub together, just us two. And we were usually pretty physically close to one another. I did all the classics: eye contact, smiling, just being flirty ya know. She does it back. I'm sure of it. At one pub, there was a dance floor and she offered out her hand and said, 'care to dance', so I took it and we danced. At the beach, she took my hand twice to make sure I didn't fall over and to bring me to the sea front. We also star gazed, lay right next to each other chatting on the concrete at the beach. We then sat on the pier for a good hour and just chatted about stuff. She sometimes puts her head on my shoulder, so I do it back. (It is important to note, however, that we'd both had a good amount of alcohol at this point, but I think it's pretty damn clear that we both get more affectionate when we drink).

She smiles at me a lot, looks out for me on the roads, says nice things that she doesn't usually say. I compliment her a lot. She'll let me lie against her to watch films and stuff.

Like I said, I'm not expert, I don't know if she's into me at all. My friend feels the third wheeling real strong when it's us three together. My friend also thinks that this girl likes me back.

It's just so hard to judge. I don't want to ask her out, then find that it's a crappy crush that disappears after two months which has happened before. And also, it's still early days: I only met her like four weeks ago. It's funny, because I've told my friends here things that took me years to tell others. Crazy how fast you can bond with new people.

But anyway... It's hard to describe all the signs to you, but I think she might have a thing for me. But then I go to my next question: how do you ask someone out? The last person I asked out, I texted it to them... Probably not the best move. I want to do this in person. So far, I'm thinking of doing it whilst we're out again, maybe at the beach on the pier or something whilst we're having good conversation. I don't know.



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