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Why does rejection have to suck so much..😡


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Hey guys,


Wanted to start a post about rejection. Why oh why do we have to go through it just got some bad news. What helps you deal with it'?


Ha ha if no one posts I'm gonna feel rejected! 😩😱😳 Please pretty please reply i need to know I'm not the only one.

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I know how you feel! do you wanna say what happened? DW if you don't.


I got dumped recently, best thing to do is pick yourself up and move on to positve things! Plus I ate alot of Ben and jerrys lol


You got this Louise19!

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I hear you Louise, i think it sucks so much because, it feels like a failure in some way.


What i have well and truly learned the hard way is that the key with rejection is how you deal with it. Whenever we take rejection personally and see it as an embarrassing failure that needs to be kept quiet it starts to eat away at our self worth and self esteem.


When we look for the learning and see it as having the courage to put yourself out there and aren't embarrassed or ashamed by what happened then rejection for me starts to feel way less painful. Oh and a big hug from my bestie always does the trick too.


Hope that helps ?

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4 yrs late to the conversation lol but my friend just rejected a great girl and they work well together why did he do that but I need to get her number to subtly say all of my friends annoying traits so she feels better I am nicer why didn't she pick me-

I mean yeah im there as a friend so having friends there is the best way to get through anything! 

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