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my best friends ive ever had all go into a massive group and laugh and mock me.


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theyre all going on social media and sending me mug shots of myself. the worst thing is is that they arent even telling me why theyre doing it. everyone seems to know apart from me. i havent done anything wrong or anything disgusting im not like that. theyre the closest friends ive had and for them to stab me in the back and make it all public everywhere really hurts and they havent even told me why. idk wtf is wrong wd me all i want to know is WHY. we literally went everywhere together in the summer and it seems theyve forgotten all of it. they made a group chat wd out me for the first time and one of my only good friends left told me that it was made purely to mock me.

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Hey @Ibby004


That sucks! I'm so sorry people you previously trusted and called friends are doing this to you. Sometimes we never know why people do these things and searching for a reason will not lead to an answer for you. Can you block the people that are sending the pictures to you, at least for now so you do not have to receive them? It may be best during this time to block everyone so there is no fuel to add. There is nothing wrong with you at all. I'm sorry you are going through this and we are here for you if you need to chat.



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