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Non-Binary but still a girl?


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I’m Ez and I’m AFAB, but for the past year and a bit I’ve been questioning my gender.

I don’t know if I’m a girl or non-binary or something else, and I have no idea how to figure it out. I’m fine with she/her pronouns, and being referred to as a female human person, but I’m not comfortable presenting female if that makes sense. I have looked up dysphoria but it all sounds very serious and I don’t mind having the female anatomy per se. I just spent the last 25 minutes looking up gender identity quizzes online (because why not) but they basically told me what I already know: that I’m confused.


My main problem with all this is that school starts again for me on Monday, and we all have to start wearing our summer uniform. Now at my school, we have this annoying thing called “parallel education� which basically means the school splits everyone into two different “colleges� depending on your sex. And the uniform is gendered as well. And for summer, the girls have to wear dresses. For winter there is the option to wear pants, so I did that, but this term there are no other choices. Just the thought of having to put on a dress again makes me very uncomfortable. I don’t own any dresses or skirts or anything like that so school is the only time I have to wear a dress and it’s making me quite anxious about going back to school.


There is more I want to say but I guess that’s the only really important stuff for now. I just had a thought though - demigender? Is that a thing?

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@secret_dinosaur Hey! It really s confusing but remember there's no rush at all and for many people it's an ongoing, pretty fluid process. You're right in that you could identify as non-binary, demigender but also many people identify as their gender assigned at birth but express their gender differently. So for example you could identify as female but express your gender outwardly (through clothing etc) as 'male'.


All of these identities (including yours) are absolutely valid. It might be worth speaking to the staff at school (preferably a teacher that you know is understanding) so you can explain how it make you feel uncomfortable. If there have the pants option in the winter there might be room for changing the summer uniform to shorts as an option for example?




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greetings dude umm for someone on a site called ditch the label u seem pretty keen on finding a label but it's wutever anyway it seems ur masculine and if that's how u wanna dress go for it cuz wut even is gender just fuckin toss that shit out the window and start from scratch like if ur fine with wut ever pronouns the. it don't seem like i gotta say anything bout wanting to be called this or that so honestly i can just live ur live wearin wut u want and i have never been to a school that has uniforms but like wut do the dudes where in summer or wutever season ur in like maybe u can wear that and if anyone questions u just tell them to fuck off and if u really want a label just ignore label for now i mean it kinda worked for me like uhhh actually i have been questioning my gender since june and i still haven't got an answer but it's fine like i'm over here living my best life and u should to and if u can't wear dude clothes then idk fam u may just have to dress in ur comfy clothes at home for like a LONG time to make up for the time u didn't get to where them at school and bro if u got friends u pretty much set for life and i'm not even kidding like if i didn't have my friends around i probs would be like not very happy

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Hey [uSER=20025]Atreus???[/uSER] and @secret_dinosaur


I think you should ask the school if the women have the option to wear trousers, I personally think it's sexist to not allow the girls the option of wearing trousers.


You really don't have to look at labelling yourself as anything at all. There is no manual or right way to be a boy or a girl. its totally normal to explore your gender at this age but you don't need to make any decisions especially if you arent being told by yourself or your body. I am a woman and I never ever dress feminine but I don't think this makes me any less of a woman. It is in your control and dont feel rushed.



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