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Long distance love 😣


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So I’m in love with this boy who lives an 1hr 30 mins from me and it’s so hard to watch him on snapchat with his girlfriends he had recently got it hurts me so much🥴 I know him in real life (let’s call him TJ) I’ve met TJ in real life because I used to go to the same dance school as his little sister and he used to come along and we used to walk around the area when I didn’t dance and we used to go to dance competitions and we used to muck around and stuff. But then his sister stopped dance and I haven’t seen him since (3 years) I’ve known him for roughly 6-7 years and he has the same bday as me just a year younger. But I’ve told him that I love him and he’s told me that he’s always had a crush on me too and he always says when your 17 ( 6 months time) and drive you can drive to see me because I always tell him that I miss him so much 🥺I just really love him and I try getting over them feelings all the time but I’ve had them for so long now I just can’t and I always get so excited when I talk to him and he has a gf and it breaks my heart to see him with her on Snapchat 🥺I cant wait till I’m 17 to get driving lessons so I can hopefully see him soon 😢

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Hello @Anon_n


Aww it sounds like you have a really cute friendship right now. Just remember that nothing he is doing with other girls is trying to bother you. I understand how hard it is to have a crush when you are unsure of the next steps. It's something pretty much all of us have gone through. If he is currently in a relationship them it may not be the right time to tell him about your feelings, and I'm saying this to protect your heart. It may be that your time is still yet to come but for now the most he can offer you is a friendship. And if it is too painful to see him with a girlfriend then maybe you should consider blocking him on Snapchat so you can save yourself a little pain. We literally just wrote this article and I think it could help you. - https://www.ditchthelabel.org/like-someone-who-doesnt-like-you-back-7-things-you-need-to-remember/. And here is another about a real long-distance couple that ended up finding their way together in the end and falling in love. https://www.ditchthelabel.org/7-long-distance-survival-tips-from-a-couple-who-actually-did-it/


Keep your chin up and remember it's not personal and you are so worthy of love and if this guy isn't ready to give you that there maybe someone else out there that is. Love yourself first and foremost, and we are always here to chat.

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