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Hi.. I'm Sahib..


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I'm 15 years old, and from the UK. Well, I've been depressed for an extremely long time.. Too many scenarios overwhelming my psychological state.. In school.. My situation in bullying is near extreme.. For personal reasons that are getting exposed.. And nobody understands the pain.. And what scenario we are ALL in academically.. Nobody understands.. No matter how many anti bullying lectures we have.. No matter how many workshops we undergo.. It only makes them make fun of the thing more and more. And it's just getting worse and worse as more is getting exposed. And even the few that understand, go as if everything is alright, or, with most of those people who do understand, make fun of it. Being depressed, being filled with anxiety, it's like they see through anxiety, and instead, just heighten it. And it's come to a point, where even CBT isn't helping. My family, my personal life, my psychology, My grades, My school life, My bullying situation, My expectations, My ambitions, My a exam situations, My lack of organisational skills, it really is overwhelming me so much, that each and every one of those factors, is only taking more and more turns for the worst. And nobody's helping me. I need help.. I don't want to show my face in school.. And I've got my GCSEs next year.. It's too late to move school.. I'm scared.. Only now.. Have I gained a little bit of confidence.. To actually express out my situation.. Because it's just getting worse.. And nothing's helping.. Nothing.. It's time for me to step up.. I just hope I can be helped.. Even if it's to a certain extent..

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Big welcome to Community. ?


Thank you for your honesty, when we are going through a tough time it's not easy to open up and really share it. But if we don't we are that much further away from help.


I hate that feeling of loneliness that can happen when we feel like nobody understands what we are going through. I also really in hear in your post that right now everything feels totally overwhelming and like they are getting worse not better.


Firstly, I want you to know you are not alone in how you are feeling, I really relate to pretty much everything you shared. A part of being overwhelmed is seeing everything that is going on and being acutely aware it is all up to you to do and figure out. Nobody has to tackle their whole life's problems in one day and when we live thinking we do the intensity is too much for anyone, always.


So let's try and break it all down a bit. Which area feels like the most stressful and scary? Also would you be up for sharing a bit more around the bullying situation?


A bit of advice I got given that turned out to be very true, is what we focus on grows. If I focus on my fears and worries they always get bigger if I focus on positivity and happiness that gets bigger. ?


It is amazing the power our thoughts have and from experience when I am overwhelmed a part of it is negative thinking that has spiralled out of control and pushed my anxiety to unmanageable limits.


Let me know what you think. ?


Sending positivity and support.


-peach311 ??

This Digital Mentor Account is no longer active.

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Hey Speedymess1


Just wanted to say hey and that I'm thinking of you and hope things get better.


cool you can be real with how you are feeling. I'm scared about school stuff too i feel like everyone else makes life look so easy and I'm just trying not to freak out all the time.


Hang in there.



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