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Body Dysmorphia - Non-binary/Genderfluid, but I really don't want my DD breasts


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Even though I have feminine qualities emotionally, when it comes to my physical form I wanna express myself in my masculine most of the time -- but I have DD's and it makes me feel like I'm in the wrong body. I wouldn't say I'm transgender to the point where I'd want a full on FTM transition, but I gotta get rid of the giant boobs...what do I do?

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Hello @bismarck



Could you try and find clothes that don't show your chest if it makes you feel uncomfortable? It's okay that you prefer to express yourself as more masculine, have you found outfits that enable you to do this and feel like you are expressing yourself comfortably?


Some people look at binding but this can be unhealthy and bad for your breasts so it may be worth checking with your Dr. first.


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