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How to deal with my mom favoriting my brother over me?


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I don’t know what to fo when my mom keeps asking me to do all the housework and blaming me for not getting things done when it’s not my fault or she didn’t even ask me to do it while she’s always getting along with my brother, she’s so cool with him and so strict with me and I confronted her once and she completely denies it and tell me that there is some parents who are worse than that and that I should be thankful for having her she never admits that she is wrong she always turn the table on me even if she’s the one wrong

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Hello @Unknown.1

I can relate to this I always thought my mum gave my brother an easier time than me and I don't know if there is something to do with mothers and their daughters and them expecting more of them.


That sounds tough though, have you spoken to your brother about it? Could you also try talking to your Mum when you aren't in the middle of a fight so you can both come at it from a calm place?




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