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I think I may have an eating problem.


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I'm 17 years old and am around 5ft 9 which is considered 'tall' for a female, but from the ages of approximately 8 to 13 I was quite overweight.


When I was 14 I experienced some personal issues and sexuality issues that plunged me into a mega bad depression (which I still battle with) and ever since then I've found my appetite get less and less.


Family members have commented on it since I was about 15, and every time I go for doctors check ups and etc I have lost weight. I'm not starving myself as such, but I physically cannot finish a meal, even if it's something small like a sandwich. I only eat half of it, if that. I also don't eat breakfast ever and when I'm at school, I barely have anything for lunch compared to my friends and I tend to eat incredibly fast. I also don't do any exercise or etc so I know for a fact that my weight loss is due to my appetite.


I do think that I'm overweight when I look in the mirror and do want to lose weight and be skinner, but I'm lowkey scared that I'm losing weight too fast due to some sorta eating disorder, especially since I find topics such as dieting and etc 'triggering'.


I'd really appreciate any help


K x

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