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Coming out to parents who have absolutely no idea that I'm queer AT ALL


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For the past like 3-4years I have known that I'm not straight, but I still don't have a definite label that I feel comfortable with. Whilst I don't believe that labels are necessary, I know that my parents (who aren't homophobic, transphobic or etc but they aren't really exposed to the LGBTQ community) would STRONGLY benefit from having a label that they can use to understand my sexuality. If anything, 'queer' is a label that I am comfortable with, but I know for a fact that 'queer' is too vague of a label for my parents to understand.


Basically, my parents want a 'definite label' like gay or bi and etc. But I don't feel comfortable with either of those labels? HELP !! :)


K x

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Hello @katienelle


This does sound like a tricky situation, but your parents can't force you to identify in a way that you aren't ready to. Queer is a perfectly acceptable term to use. Could you get them some resources on what queer means and educate them on the understanding of queer and queer culture and let them know that this encompasses everything that isn't classed as fully heterosexual.


How does that sound?



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