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Hi I'd prefer not to say my name as am not the kind of person to tell people about my problems I just keep it all to my self . However since April last year life as thrown a lot at me I've had pancreatitis, bells palsy and even been diagnosed with ileitis and colitis . I try not to let things bother me and just crack on . Due to the problems I have with these illnesses i get a lot of swelling especially around the stomach area I've always been the kind of person to not let names bother me but recently when people call me fat or I here look at that fatty or get called a whale it sticks in my head I get dressed with low confidence and just dont feel my self at the moment I look in the mirror and just see fat and ugly . I've never been like this until past year my anxiety gets bad when am out and I feel like people are looking at me and I've tried many ways to loose the weight taking tablets that cause diarrhoea is the most effective way how ever it's not good for the pains you get in your stomach . Has anyone else experienced feeling so low about them self but have to hide and pretend to be this bubbly care free person ?? I am 24 years old by the way

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Hello @Thatgirl24


Thank you for sharing that here with us and you sound very brave for working through a lot of your illnesses right now. The people that are calling you these names, just shouldn't be and it says so much about their own nature than yours. Have you made people aware of your illness, not saying that you should have to at all but it may help them empathise with your situation?


I would really advise especially in your condition to not take any weight-loss remedies, these are mostly just laxatives which will aggravate your collitus and make it worse. You have a medical condition and your main priority needs to be your health and getting better.


If you aren't feeling great, you don't have to hide it, communicate with your friends and your family that you aren't always feeling great, it will feel less exhausting to pretend that everything is okay than be honest and we all experience down times, and it is okay to feel this way life is full of ups and downs but just make sure you are looking after yourself and your health whilst going through these tougher times.


Sending lots of positivity your way.





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