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idk wut i am


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wut up dudes i at school rn and like i just idk guys i have this "goal" to be the best player on my school football team but the thing is i don't wanna do it as a chic i wanna be a hecking dude. and no i don't got that much dysphoria or wut ever but i want a beard tho and short hair so and i never really liked my name and i love pretending to be a boy during halloween so u know uhhh that's all imma say, not really lookin for a diagnosis but any advice is welcome (i has lot of euphoria i know that for sure)

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

[uSER=20025]Atreus???[/uSER] Hey and welcome to community! It's completely normal to take time to understand our identities so I'd definitely suggest taking your time to explore it with no pressure. For many people they are fluid and identify as non-binary. Either way, enjoy the journey!


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