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How to raise my self esteem


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Hi I’m Abdul I’m an 18 year old boy I’ll be honest all my life people would call me attractive or cute, growing up I felt like I just don’t like my face for some reason, I went through a minor depression which I went to therapy and everyone is saying it’s in my head, when I go out usually girls would give me eye contact or even guys but I feel like they are looking at my ugliness I don’t know it’s just weird , also the other mistake I do is compare myself with models I always say to myself why can’t I look like that it’s just frustrating I just feel I’m ugly or average even tho people would tell me otherwise I just don’t like my face if you’d like a pic of myself I’ll be happy to post it to see what I mean

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Hey Abdul,


Welcome to the community and thanks for writing to us. Self esteem is a real marathon and not a sprint and it's so important to be kind to yourself. You may not look like every model you see but that's because we are all meant to look different. Why don't you start by unfollowing some of these accounts that make you compare and despair and see if that helps.


Physical beauty is only one part of us, you are made up of so much more than that.



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