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How do I figure out if i'm bi???


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okay so first of all i"m an 18 yo from holland (one of the most accepting country's)


I know i like guys. I'm attracted to them and i've had relationships with them. The problem is that i feel like i look different at girls than other girls do? But then also i don't know? A lot of straight girls express that they find a certain woman/girl attractive or beautiful without a lot of meaning behind it. And sometimes i feel like there's more behiind it when i think a women/girl is attractive.


And i think i've had some physical crushes on girls, but then again, i didnt really give myself the space to ACTUALLY crush on them because i know i like guys.


On one hand i do want to explore my sexuality but on the other hand i'm afraid and dont feel like i have to because i have the 'save option' (males).


And then there is also the fact that i live in a small city without a prominent gay community, plus, not a lot of people my age are out, so i wouldnt even know how i would find the opportunity to explore?


Does anyone have any advice for me?

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@pineappletje hey! Thanks so much for sharing - it does sound like you are open to exploring relationships with ore than one gender. usually when we 'crush' on people, we know that we really like or admire them but it sounds like you could be open to more than that.

There is no rush at all and our attractions can be very fluid over our lifetime, but I think you hit the point when you say you've never given yourself the space to explore it.


If you're still in education - do you have any LGBTQ+ clubs or societies there?


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