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​​​​​For a little bit now, I've been labeling myself as Bisexual, and I've felt confident and proud with that label. But It appears I've fallen back to square one. After reading a few comments on other apps, I've been considering the thought that I might be Pansexual. However, I don't fully understand what pansexuality is and what it means. Could someone help me out and explain?


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Hey there @Moonlightdawn

Sexuality is a complex thing, it's fluid and can be difficult to understand. So, as I understand it, bisexuality tends to refer to a person who is attracted to two (or sometimes more I think) genders, but often males and females. Bisexuals may also lean towards a particular gender. Pansexual people, however, may be attracted to any gender - so that's transgender, non-binary, agender, cisgender (I think that's everyone... apologies if I've missed one). But you get the idea, pansexuals may be attracted to any gender. I hope this clears things up a little? I'm not sure how well I've explained it...


Bisexual - two genders (maybe more, mixed things on the internet)

Pansexual - any gender


Just remember though: you don't HAVE to have a label :) There's no rush to label yourself either. I suppose, in my point of view, as long as you know what you like, that's the main thing :)

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Alright, so I have had feelings for both genders but I can't tell if its just me admiring them or truly wanting them. I feel like I could be with anyone I feel like I connect with but honestly I'm just so confused.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@Alyssab1014 Take your time - there's no rush. With each person you meet and connect with just go with the flow and see how things develop. You will likely know quite quickly.


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It's okay to be confused. I've been very confused, and I'm still confused about my sexuality. But trust me, the waters will clear over time. There's no rush. You don't even have to have a label at all, as long as you have a vague idea of what you like, and dislike. And plus, not to be cliche, but you'll find the right person for you, and you'll know it!

If it helps: a lot of bisexual people lean towards one gender. For example: I'd probably say I more admire SOME males, I've crushed on a couple of guys, but I have absolutely no sexual attractions to them and I don't particularly want a male as my partner. On the other hand, I'd LOVE a female as my partner. So, I suppose, if I were to put it in simple terms, my sexuality is kinda like 10% males, 90% females. Some bisexuals might feel sexual and romantic attractions to one gender, and only romantic attractions to the other. I suppose it could be the same with pansexuality: you might be more attracted to one sex/gender than another. Like I said, it's complex, but there's no rush and you'll find your way!


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