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Questioning Again?


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I am questioning my sexuality again. I have a few questions. If a girl is not attracted to guys does that automatically make her a lesbian? Are there other sexualities besides lesbian and bisexual? How to know if you are lesbian or aromantic asexual? Whats the difference? How would someone know if they are pansexual or polysexual? Like mixed orientation sexuality?

Sorry if its a lot of questions. I'm confused.

I have never been attracted to guys. I've only had one crush on a girl in real life. I've had crushes on female celebrities a lot.

Are celebrity crushes considered real crushes? Am I normal and is there something wrong with me?


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Hello @hopefulone


No, if you aren't attracted to men it does not just make you a lesbian. Sexuality is more of a spectrum so normally we all fit somewhere on that spectrum so nothing is simply black or white. There is an article here written by an a-sexual influencer to help you understand asexuality more but rememember that your sexuality can evolve as you mature. I promise you you are normal, it is really normal to explore your sexuality when you are this age so try not to rush to put a label on it before you are unsure it means you are still exploring.


What do other people on the community think?




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