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How to make friends at uni


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I have a big problem with making friends. I am an introvert but I am ok with that.

the problem is that this fall I am going to uni in another city where I don't know anyone. I don't have a lot of friends now and I find it hard to talk to others. I spent to years at school all alone and it was very hard for me. However last year I managed to make one friend with whom I lost contact this summer. I think my problem is to maintain a friendship rather than talking to people in the first place. I believe I am not interesting enough and that they will not choose to spend time with me. I also find it hard to speak when I am with a lot of people. I will never say my opinion or anything unless I now them for a lot of time. I am always quiet.

this October I am going to university. the problem is that I won't be able to make friends because I will have to meet 135 people and someone should invite me to join a company which is hard because I am not interesting. I will be chaotic because we will be all in an amphitheater. I don't want to be alone but sometimes I find it easier to leave than talk to disappear. I am scared. Any advice?

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