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Hey hey, Call me Froyo!


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I'm 20 yrs old and just started college and its hard. I'm already failing and its only been two weeks. It's just all moving so fast. On top of that i have major depressive and anxiety disorder so im always shaking and nervous. I constantly think I'm ugly and im very short and it bothers me .

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Hey Froyo! Welcome to the Community!


When I went to college I felt exactly the same, the jump from secondary school to college was huge for me and it took me a while to adapt.


Something that helped me was taking interesting notes, I am normally someone who hates doing this but I made it fun by doing a design that stood out to me, it also helped with remembering the things that I was learning.

Also for the first year I did not utilise the library at all but actually I found that to be a great place to relax and do some research.


I would probably say that it took me a month or two to actually get into a routine and feeling more confident at college.


Try not to be too hard on yourself! Hopefully my rambling might help in some way.



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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@Froyoanime Welcome! Awesome advice from curley and I completely agree. It's a time of massive change and it takes time. It's really common when we go through stresses and changes like this to turn it inwards - but you are doing an awesome job and all the other new people will be feeling the same.


Depending on what your preferences are like with socialising, slowly build up your friendships or join some of the groups / societies, you then know at least you are with people that have the same interests.


If things are feeling particularly rough, they usually have student support in the colleges that can give even more support face to face.


Let us know how you get on :)


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